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Please Watch These Informational 
Video Presentations
Michael S. Okun, MD speaks on the benefits of speech therapy for individuals with Parkinson's Disease.  The video is provided courtesy of The National Parkinson Foundation.
This video presentation was provided by The National Parkinson Foundation.  Watch how a patient  receives positive outcomes after using The Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Program.
Voice Video No. 1 - Mirian Van Mersbergen, Ph.D. discusses the Speech Pathologist's role in treating patients with voice disorders
Voice Video No. 2 - Mirian Van Mersbergen, Ph.D. discusses the benefits of voice therapy provided by Speech Pathologists experienced in treating patients with a variety of voice disorders
This video presentation provides information on swallowing disorders and assessment.
Watch this informative video on swallowing disorders and intervention   provided by speech pathologists to improve patients ability to swallow     safely. This video is presented by Michael S. Okun, MD, Medical Director of The National Parkinson Foundation.
Watch 7 year old A.J. learn to eat.  A.J. has Cerebral Palsy and receives oral feeding therapy by his Speech Pathologist in this video presentation.
Watch this heartwarming video presentation.  Parents share their stories about the difficulties their child has experienced with feeding and swallowing.
Watch this video presentation to learn more about how a Speech Pathologist can help individuals diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  This video is provided courtesy of The National Multiple Sclerosis Society